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My name is Ben Chasnov. I am a graphic designer currently located in Nashville, Tennessee.

I graduated in 2012 from Cedarville University in Cedarville, OH, earning my B.A. in Graphic Design, along with minors in Web Design and Studio Art. I’ve been doing graphic design for the past 7 years, but have been a student all my life. I’ve loved architecture and advertising as long as I can remember, and have been taking photographs since I was a kid; in fact, it’s what steered me toward graphic design.

I love to design for print, especially advertising and editorial. School and interning with a non-profit provided my initial experience with those areas, along with opportunities in logo and branding work, designing for web, letterpress and screenprinting, and much more. Since graduation, I’ve been able to refine those strengths and develop new skills working professionally as both a freelance and in-house designer.

I also love photography, and have been using a camera since my early teens. Along with experience with both film and digital, I had the opportunity through school to get studio experience, field experience, and even darkroom experience.

I am currently striving to find my own niche in the design world. I am passionate about design, photography, and printmaking, and am building a career that allows me to combine these passions with my love for advertising, music, fashion, and cinema. At least in one way or another.

Of course, working doesn’t take up my entire life. I enjoy playing music, jazz mostly, and appreciate the finer points of cinema – and some of the more mindless points as well. I love travel and experiencing new things, and have had the privilege of studying for a month in Greece, spending the summer of 2011 interning in northern Iraq with a non-profit organization, and completing my degree with a semester in Florence, Italy.

Please feel free to look around at some of my work! If you like what you see, get in contact with me, or you can follow me on twitter. I even post on my blog from time to time, so if you’d like to see what I’m up to, please check it out.