DriverFacts 2020
Advertising Campaigns (2019)

Beverly Ringstaff, creative director
Ben Chasnov, graphic designer
Rachel Norfleet, copywriter
Client: DriverFacts

DriverFacts was one of my regular clients during my time at Conversion Interactive Agency. Near the end of 2019, we started work on new creative which would be the main advertising campaign for their 2020 ad placements.

Difficult to pin down what they had in mind – even after multiple calls and meetings with their marketing team– we created four different ad pitches with a variety of looks and copy in hopes one would be close to the mark. Fortunately, they loved all of the concepts, and began running ads for one of them immediately, and made plans to use all four ads throughout the year.

For the presentation we put together a main concept image and digital banner for each, as well as social ads and print ads to show the concept in use.