Conversion Interactive “Sandwich”
Sales Mailer (2017)

Ben Chasnov, graphic designer
Beverly Ringstaff, copywriter

In 2017 our sales team put together a list of high-value clients that had moved their business in the past couple of years and wanted to send sales mailers to create the opportunity to re-connect. I worked with the Creative Director to put together a unique brochure format that would not just end up being thrown out.

The final brochure was a triangular mailer bound with a screw & post system that allowed the sheets to swivel.
The cover “bread” were a thick corrugated cardboard which gave the mailer a good amount of thickness and added to the sandwich look from the side. The inner sheets were printed to look like sandwich toppings – cheese, meat, lettuce & tomato – and included copy
with plenty of sandwich puns.

The concept proved successful and was later adapted to send to nearly 100 leads, with some minor format changes to allow the brochure to be mass assembled.