Conversion Interactive “Suitcase”
Sales Mailer (2020)

Beverly Ringstaff, creative director
Ben Chasnov, graphic designer

After each year’s Recruitment & Retention Conference, the sales team at Conversion Interactive needs a printed mailer to send to all of the sales leads from the conference.

After the 2020 conference, the team wanted to send about 100 sales mailers, which meant keeping the per-item cost down – including shipping. In addition, the team wanted to send a promo item to promote the company’s in-house promo company, PrintPromo Source.

I worked with our Creative Director, sales team, and PrintPromo Source team to put together a promo item and mailer that would be within budget while still having an impact – what resulted was a laser-cut suitcase onto which a custom-branded luggage tag could be attached through the laser-cut handle.