PrePass “Free Yourself”
Advertising Campaign (2017)

Beverly Ringstaff, creative director
Ben Chasnov, graphic designer
Rachel Norfleet, copywriter
Client: PrePass

In 2017, longtime client PrePass approached us to create a new set of ads which would be targeted toward truck drivers – most of their advertising to this point was aimed at executives and decision-makers in large trucking companies. This campaign would be kicked off with posters in truck stops, continue through printed ads in trucking digests and driver-focused magazines, and include digital web banner ads.

After our first ideas “missed the mark”, we went back to the drawing board. PrePass ads up to this point were usually buttoned-up and corporate, and pitches with any humor were usually rejected. After coming across stock images of a large man doing yoga, we came up with the theme “Free Yourself” and decided the idea was too good not to pitch – even though we were sure it would be rejected. Fortunately, the PrePass team loved the idea and the driver-focused campaign was very successful.