Serigraphy Project No. 2

Posted on Nov 9, 2012 in Printmaking

On Tuesday, I put the finishing touches on my second serigraphy (silkscreen) project. You might remember, I posted my first project (a four-color print) some weeks back, and since then I’ve been working to complete my second—an eight-color print (edition of 12). The addition of four more colors enables me more flexibility in my composition, but also creates twice as many opportunities for error. Luckily, the “painterly” nature of my design allowed some flexibility in the area of precision during the printing process.

The subject matter I chose for my second print was a vintage Fiat Cinquecento (500), one of the most iconic Italian cars. Being here in Florence, I actually see a number of them still driving around and parked on the narrow streets. In fact, there’s a red one just like this parked on my way to school almost every day.

To create the print, I worked from a photograph and hand-painted the different color layers on sheets of acetate, which were used to produce (through photo emulsion) the nylons screens used for printing. The effect is a fun, “sketchy” print which transforms the smooth lines and gradients of the metal and glass into flat blocks of ink which combine to form the car. I also photographed along the way so you can better see the process of adding the colors one screen at a time.